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Perfect Guyz

Scoring Criteria
There are six major categories in which our scores are based on: interface, content, download & streaming, originality, price, and extra features. Each of these sections is graded with one of the following values: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, E. The values across all categories are averaged out which gives us the overall site rating.

Here is a summary of each category:


One of the fundamentals of enabling a surfer to have an enjoyable experience is by providing a user-friendly interface. Ease of use goes a long way, and we will let you know exactly what we think of a sites' interface. A site receiving a high grade here offers their members a clean, easy-to-use members area that won't leave them frustrated at the fact that they can't navigate properly from one section to another. A low score means that we believe the site needs an upgrade.


Content is key, which is why this area is such an important piece of the puzzle. A perfect score means that a site is updated every day, a good score means that the site is updated at least weekly, and a low score means that a site is updated only occasionally. If you see a failing grade here, then as far as we can tell there are no more updates on the site.

Download & Streaming:

Some sites offer downloads, others offer streaming. A perfect score here means that a site offers both of these options, and in multiple formats. Downloads will bring higher ratings than streaming, so a medium score will likely mean that either there were few download options, or that there was no streaming option. A low score likely indicates that a poor streaming version of the videos was the only option offered for viewing.


This is another very important category. If the content on the site can be found on just about any site out there, then a low grade is likely. However, if the content is fresh and exclusive to this web site, then we'll be sure to reward the site with a strong grade in this section.

Price vs. Content

Are you getting your money's worth for the content that is offered on the site? In this category, we're not just talking about whether or not the content is good or not. We're talking about whether there are enough movies and pictures for the price you are paying. We know the value of a dollar, and we'll pass on our opinion to you.


Most sites offer their members a little more, often in the form of bonus sites. A high rating here means that there is a ton of other content that will keep you busy for a long, long time. A low score will likely indicate that you better like the content of the site you are purchasing a membership to, because there may not be much else that is of interest.